Quick updates: Blur and LW8

I’ve just received word (or, email) from the dev center, and an update for Blur will be live shortly. This new update brings several performance enhancements, as well as should give a more satisfying blur, if that makes any sense. The second quick update, which went live a few days ago, is for LW8. I’ve held off on announcing [...]


Light in the tunnel for Windows Phone 8

It’s been a struggle, lately, for WP8, Microsoft, and users in general lately. It’s a sine wave, I suppose, with repeating phases of highs and lows. But I’m happy to report that, despite my leaving everyone on a low note, there is some exciting news on the Windows Phone hacking front. Free official 2 app sideload [...]


EDP – Experimental Digital Photography

Coming out of a discussion on the dfa Yahoo list I put out a very rough list of features for what I saw as the ideal inkjet printer for digital artists. So I have decided to flesh that rough idea out here. The ideal inkjet printer for artists might look like this: Flatbed printer construction where the material to print on lies flat and [...]


Don’t Fall for Text Message Scams!

Scammers are constantly upgrading their methods to reach more victims while seeming more reputable. Recently, scammers have gone away from post and email scams and instead are focusing on SMS scams. Since most of us think that our cell phone numbers are private (they aren’t!) and messages to them must be from legit sources, it is easy to [...]


Utilizing Slip Masters within jeopardy powerpoint template